Ecommerce Pathways is also a Buy With Prime Agency Partner!

In addition to being a full-service Amazon marketing and Account Management Agency, a Verified Amazon Advertising Partner Agency, and a DTC ecommerce agency, Ecommerce Pathways Inc. is now a Buy with Prime Agency Partner offering our expertise to help grow your direct-to-consumer (DTC) business. Enabling Buy with Prime functionality on your DTC online store requires integrating various platforms, such as Amazon Pay, Seller Central, and Buy with Prime console with your eCommerce store. Our team is officially trained, experienced, and designated by Amazon to support you with the full integration of Buy with Prime for your eCommerce website.

What is Buy with Prime?

To learn more about Buy with Prime, simply contact us – we’re here to help!

What is Buy With Prime

Buy with Prime is a powerful way to grow your direct-to-consumer online store by leveraging the power of Amazon Prime while keeping the data and relationship with your customers. By integrating Buy with Prime, you are providing your shoppers with fast, free shipping, transparent delivery times, and a seamless checkout experience millions of shoppers trust.

Give your customers more of what they want with a shopping experience they trust.

Buy with Prime allows businesses to grow their direct-to-consumer online storefront by giving customers access to fast, free shipping and a checkout experience Amazon Prime members know and love.

Why use Buy With Prime

Build Stronger Relationships With Your Customers

With Buy with Prime, merchants will have access to customer order information, including names and email addresses which can be used to provide exceptional customer service and build direct relationships with shoppers.

Delight Shoppers With Fast, Free, and Convenient Delivery

Give customers a familiar shopping experience with Amazon Prime benefits including transparent delivery times (same day, one-day, and two-day shipping options) with free returns on eligible orders.

Easy Checkout Experience

Merchants can provide a seamless Buy with Prime checkout experience offering Amazon Prime members a fast, familiar way to pay using the shipping and payment information using their Amazon account credentials directly through their online store.

Simplify Your Fulfillment

Scale your operations and devote more time on your core business by letting Amazon handle all levels of fulfillment – including packing, shipping, returns, and exchanges when storing inventory in their fulfillment centers.

Grow your DTC store by adding Buy with Prime

How Buy with Prime works

Offer Amazon Prime shopping benefits on your site.

After connecting your Seller Central or Amazon Supply Chain account and choosing which products/SKUs will offer Buy with Prime on your DTC storefront, shoppers will then be able to see a Prime logo when they checkout. Once the Buy with Prime button is selected, the buyer will then be prompted to log in to their Amazon account where their credentials will automatically populate. Amazon Prime members can then choose to checkout and complete their purchase with Buy with Prime.

We help integrate Buy with Prime with your DTC store



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