Seller Central (3P/Marketplace) & FBA management and growth services

Third party selling (seller central) is the largest and fastest growing online sales channel internally and externally of Amazon. It is also crowded and super competitive. The effort and expertise that used to be sufficient to achieve success only few years ago, are no longer enough to give your brand what it needs to drive growth vs. your competition on Amazon. Our team of experienced Amazon experts is positioned to head your brand’s Amazon Seller Central channel set-up, launch/re-launch, management, turn-around, and growth and optimization efforts, while serving as an extension of your team to establish long term, strategic and sustainable growth.

We tailor an ongoing service to address your needs, and execute with / for you, whether you already have an internal team dealing with Amazon, or whether you need to outsource it all. It is up to you and your needs. We cover setting up, managing, optimizing and expediting growth for your brand on Amazon, leveraging our years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and expertise, ongoing execution of latest tactics & strategies, network and strong relationship with Amazon.

Our services include:

  • Overall Seller Central strategy and planning
  • In-depth listing optimization: Advanced keyword research and ranking optimization
  • Brand, products/catalog and store content management
  • Brand registry, brand protection support, and defending against hijackers and unauthorized sellers on amazon
  • Amazon Advertising (AMS, PPC, display) advanced management and ongoing optimization (plus evaluating other advanced advertising and retargeting opportunities)
  • Deals & Promotional activity management
  • Amazon Reviews strategies and management
  • Product launches (including coordination of launch/re-launch, growth & marketing activities, advertising, deals and promotional placements with Amazon teams, when possible)
  • Off amazon marketing and sales growth tactics (including advance digital marketing efforts via external channels and tools)
  • Logistics, and Ops coordination for Marketplace model (various fulfillment models available)
  • Pricing set up and strategy; cost and profitability-based analysis
  • Inventory planning & management support
  • Guidance and support for other managerial, accounting and ops issues related to Seller Central Model
  • Explore participation in other relevant Amazon programs
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  • Need help managing resources & processes for rapid ecommerce growth?
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