Vendor Central (1P/ Retail) management and growth services

Retail model at Amazon, represents a huge opportunity and a super powerful sales channel for brands. At the same time, selling on Vendor Central successfully requires careful navigation and in-depth know-how. The upside is clear and rewarding, but the day to day can be challenging if you or your team don’t have all the tools, connections or capacity to deal with the demanding and detailed oriented aspects and requirements of this channel. Many brands are struggling with various aspect of Vendor Central, from set up, kick starting and launching, to negotiating fair terms, setting up ops processes or EDI, understanding the accounting, Co-op, invoicing and dispute processes, to simply optimizing sales and driving growth to their products.

Our team is privileged to have worked with amazing brands to drive their set up, processes, admin and growth on Amazon Vendor Central, and through the years acquired priceless knowledge, expertise, know-how and hands on experience of this complex retail channel. In addition, with time, we’ve established connections and build relationships with Amazon’s Vendor Management team, buyers and category managers, which is part of our advantage when it comes to navigating this platform.

Our Vendor Central services include:

  • Vendor Central – Set up, management, optimization and support
  • Reach out to Amazon Buyers and Vendor Managers for coordination and strategy
  • Terms negotiations
  • Amazon Cost setup and pricing strategy (cost and profitability-based analysis)
  • Logistics, and Ops coordination for Retail model (various fulfillment models available)
  • POs management and support
  • Brand and content management
  • Guidance and support for other managerial, accounting and ops issues related to Vendor Central Model
  • Coordination of launch/re-launch, growth & marketing activities, advertising, deals and promotional placements with Amazon Retail team
  • Explore participation in other relevant Amazon programs
  • Vendor Central training, coaching, admin assistance etc.
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